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The 3 Way Tipping Trailer was recently reviewed by Chris Mullet at Motoring Matters. The articles are published in the February/March issue of Delivery Magazine and the Trailer Torque lift out in the February/March issue of Power Torque .

The 3 Way Tipper utilises an electro/hydraulic power pack and battery located in a tool box on the draw bar to operate the ram located in the centre of the chassis mounted on a gimbal giving the three way action. Knuckles and cups situated at the corners of the tray determine the tip direction. Changing the direction requires the insertion of two pins in the appropriate knuckles. Operate the toggle switch and the tray will tip as required.

A video of the 3 Way Tip Trailer in action can be seen at We thank Chris for these detailed photographs and the video.

The 3 Way Tipper models of both hydraulic tippers the No.27 2.1 tonne and No.7HD 2.5 tonne trailers are proving popular. A recent sale is of a No.7HD with a hot dip galvanised tray with gun metal grey chassis, sides and tailgate. This trailer has been equiped with aluminium rams stored under the tray to enable a small bob cat to be transported

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